Engagement photos at National Harbor in Washington DC – Tope and Dayo | I found the one

The most exciting part of my job is how I get to know a couple’s love story and how it started. My conclusion over the years is that there really is no science to finding or recognizing the “One”. As cliche as this sounds, When you just know, you know.

My Session with Dayo and Tope was a memorable one, they were fun to work with.  Please dive into the post and enjoy their story and engagement photos.



Dayo’s Story – Groom

I started from being some off-the-boat dude to the man taking her to the aisle. It all began when a friend of mine was trying to hook me up with a lady. She opened her Facebook and I saw Tope. As I saw her picture, I said “I think I found the one”. She was so appealing and got my attention. I looked through Tope’s pictures throughout that day. I knew I had to meet her. Fortunately, my friend told me Tope would be having her birthday the following weekend. I smiled and said, “I shall be there”. When the day came we went to the party. I didn’t dress to impress and I wasn’t looking very attractive, but when I saw her I wished her a happy birthday without a gift or a card “LOL”. I spent just 20 minutes at the party, but I remember telling her she should give me her number. She said I could get it from her cousin. We started talking the next day. She told me she would be coming to Maryland for a job interview. She lived out of state, but I didn’t care how far she lived. Now it was time to start executing my plans to get her attention. Firstly, I invited her to my church youth picnic. She accepted and we went together. Unfortunately for me, she knew a lot of people at the event and she ignored me to hang with her friends. I felt bad, but my eyes were on the end prize. I eventually got her attention that day and we left together.

I drove her to her job interview the next day. We had a mini date afterward and then I took her to the bus station so she could return to Rhode Island. We spoke day and night after that point. Every day was always a day to be excited about. It went on and on and on. Luckily, she got a job in Maryland and we didn’t have to worry about the distance anymore.

We have had lots of events, memories and adventures together; They have made my love for her grow with each passing day. She is always there to support my decisions, pray for me, and ready to go the extra mile for me to make me happy. These are just some of the things that made me pop the question.

I have the bone of my bone, the flesh of my flesh, my missing rib, my other half, my best friend and my love. I am happy to have made this decision and I promise to be there as long as I breathe.


Tope’s Story – Bride

I met Dayo at my 25th Birthday party. I was in Rhode Island at the time, but to commemorate turning 25, my sister threw me a party at her apartment. Dayo accompanied my cousin to the event. When first meeting him I did not think much of him. I just saw him as a shy, quiet guy that so happened to be my cousin’s friend. He must have seen more in me though, because he took my number from my cousin. He seemed really interested in me, but I was not so interested in him at the time. I didn’t think he was my type, but he was so nice so we continued to chat. I returned to Maryland the following week for a job interview and Dayo invited me to his church picnic. He brought me to my job interview the following Monday and saw me off as I traveled back home to Rhode Island. It was during that time that I realized just how kind and caring Dayo is. Even when I was not so nice to him he was so wonderful to me. I decided to remove my idea of “type” and give him a genuine chance. Although we were far apart, we spoke almost nonstop, whether it was through calling, texting, or Skype. I spent many nights falling asleep with my phone engaged and Dayo sleeping on the other end. I could not get enough of him.  I visited him frequently, even surprising him for his birthday, before I eventually moved to Maryland permanently. We have been almost inseparable since.

Dayo embodies everything I ever want and need in a partner. He makes me want to be better with each passing day. He sees greatness in me that I hadn’t seen in myself. And he helps strengthen me where I am weak. I could not have asked for a better friend and love to spend the rest of my life.







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