….With this ring I thee wed …. Gina + Bola – A Nigerian Traditional Wedding at Delaware

When you mind God’s business, God will mind your business. In minding your business, God can use just about anything to bless you.

October 2012, one lovely evening, as beautiful as the weather would be, a drama conference brought Regina to Maryland. Along with her friend, who is equally passionate about spreading the gospel through acting, Regina left the conference not only craving God more but also craving suya, yes suya. Of course as the Regina everyone knows,  she knew what she wanted and got it by all means! She called almost everyone she knew lived in MD at that time. With all options exhausted, Regina had her friend go through and call  her list of MD friends. Fortunately, Adebola, also known as Deejroi was called. Long story short, Regina argued over the phone with Adebola about his name and identity.  “I swear your name is not Debola, your picture look like one guy a friend of mine is mingling with from NJ” Regina said. Being confused about who this Regina chick is, Adebola decided not only to give the two ladies the address to the suya spot but also meet them there.  To make the story even shorter, shy Regina was sorry for acting a fool, blamed it on the hunger and the rest as they say is history.

“I’ll never take back my actions that day. I’m glad God brought joy in my world through my cravings for Him. God first,  everything else after, Ade mi as i call him has been such a blessing in my life – I dont mean to sound cliché but that’s just what he is; a blessing” said Regina.

Makeup and Gele by Juicy Looks Make-up Artistry and Gele Services

Decoration by Garden of Eden

 Enjoy the photos of these lovely love birds

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