Southern love – Abies & Dayo | Engagement photos shoot in Tupelo and Memphis

When my Brother, Dayo called me and told me he was hiring me to do his engagement photos, I was excited and surprised. Excited because I knew the session was going to be interesting since Dayo + Abies = Fun, Surprised because I never would have thought she would agree to some “brother in law” seeing them all boo’ed up in Pre wedding photos.
Lets just say we were able to get over the awkwardness and we got to business. It was interesting to watch two people I know and love very much behind the camera (I caught myself ‘awwing”  and smiling so many times).  I am a man of little words so I will leave you to dive into their love story and view the lovely engagement photos.
Have Fun !!

Love Story according to Abies

I had just moved from Austin, Texas to freezing Chicago chasing my big fat dreams of living and working in the windy city. I got a job at a local hospital and on my 1st day , I ran into a young medical resident on the 3rd floor of the hospital. That year, we ran into each other countless times but never really took it further than the casual “hellos” and ”have a good day”. It never crossed my mind that we will be together but I always admired his very polite demeanor and I thought he had a very nice smile.

Two years later, I left Chicago for Pharmacy school In California and I had completely or almost completely forgotten about Mr Hi and Hello on the Third floor. I Never thought our paths will cross again especially since we never shared our contact information.

Surprisingly and very randomly, I received a message from Dayo inquiring how life was going and checking up on me. We ended up talking on the phone for the first time and needless to say, what was intended to be a very brief conversation ended up being an all-night phone conversation. It was just so surprising to both of us that we worked at the same hospital in Chicago for over a year and never really spoke in detail. Turned out we had so much in common and so much to talk about.

Later that year, Dayo made a trip out to visit San Francisco where we went on our First date. we both knew from the First time we hung out that we definitely had something special and we were both going to make an impact in each other’s life. I was so impressed with how genuine , caring, funny and down to earth he was and of course his beautiful smile. I don’t know if I believe in love at First sight but I do believe in that human instinct you get when you meet a part of your destiny.




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