Wedding Video at The Wilshire Grand Hotel, West Orange, NJ- Bukola and Eghosa | When you can Love Again

It was an honor to document the love story between Bukola and Eghosa in New Jersey. The couple was so much fun to work with and the weather on the day of their wedding was just perfect for our crew to work with.

Here is their love story and wedding video highlights from their wedding.

Love is always worth giving a chance!.. Bukky and I met when we had both given up on finding Love.

It was the summer of 2011 at my former job at a cafe. I was at work and around 9:40pm when two ladies walk in for a drink

I did hear Bukky whisper to her friend what sounded like “OMG he is cute”. When it was their turn in line, I got a chance to be a little bit closer and I thought she was pretty and well put together. notice one of them which was packaged, beautiful and completely created (if you know what I mean). I am not sure how I heard what she ordered because I was more interested in her smile that what she was saying.

I am pretty  sure I added my touch in the drink she ordered because I was able to convince her to stay a little longer so I could get her phone number. I did and we started talking over the phone as friends. I was in friend zone for 2 years and I was wondering what I was doing wrong and She made it even worse by playing around when I talk about the possibility of a romantic relationship.

I was able to figure from our conversations that I was not the problem. She did like me but she had been hurt and was just guarding her heart.

So In 2013 close to the New Year I was tired of waiting and I knew i liked her so much but she didn’t give me a chance. One night I called her and told her my EXACTLY how I felt. I wanted an answer and I wanted it immediately. I reassured her that her fears were not real and God answered my prayers. That was the beginning of what we sealed in the presence of God and friends and Family on the 16th, 2016. I married the bone of my bone and the flesh of my flesh. She is my Heart Beat and My World.

Wedding Video of Bukola and Eghosa in New Jersey


Photography : Fola Lawal Photography
Makeup: Juicy Looks By Abby
Decoration: Yawah
MC: M C Tunde DuDuskii
DJ: DJ Zimo

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