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Love can be felt and seen; You can see the joy and love from this wonderful couple on their wedding day

Here is the wedding video and story of Oyin and Damola, We previously blogged their Engagement session, White Wedding and Traditional Wedding

Story According to the bride (Oyin)

I met Damola the old-fashioned way, online.  I was 28 and single and I thought to give online dating a chance. We have similar personalities and I believe we were made for each other.  Damola sent me a message through the dating site a couple days after I posted my profile.  I cannot remember exactly what he said, but we started a conversation and exchanged messages for a few days.  Eventually, we exchanged numbers and started speaking on the phone.  He lived 4 hours away from me and we eventually progressed to skype calls so we could see each other.  Our connection was very natural.  We were very comfortable with each other and always had things to talk about.  He talked a lot about his residency program and told him about my challenges in nursing school.  He often told me about his love for travel and all of the locations he wanted to visit, and lamented on not having the opportunity to coordinate travel opportunities with his friends and family.

About two months after we began talking he mentioned his plans to visit Montreal, Quebec.  Every time he would discuss the trip, I secretly pictured myself there with him.  A few days before his trip, he asked if I would like to come with him to Montreal.  I was ecstatic, and in my mind, I was like, “I thought you’d never ask!”  So in addition to meeting in an unconventional way,

Our first date was a 5-hour road trip to a neighboring country.  When I told my best friend, she freaked out.  She made me give her all his information (name, address, phone number, date of birth, you name it).  I actually became really nervous and when I arrived at the train station to meet him, I hid in the bathroom.  I wondered if I made a mistake, or acted too impulsively in planning this trip with him.  Damola kept texting and calling, and I didn’t respond.  A few minutes later I appeared and told him my phone was on silent.  We drove off and shortly after I relaxed and remembered why I was confident enough to make such elaborate plans with a person I barely knew.  He was the same guy I’d been skyping with all along.  Sweet, personable, and loving.  I replied all of my best friend’s texts that she sent through the next couple days assuring her that he wasn’t a serial killer, lol.

We had an amazing trip to Quebec and great time there.  We talked about everything under the sun, and it was as if we always knew each other.  (To this day, I love taking road trips with Damola because it reminds me of the first time we met.)  While in Quebec, he mentioned that his parent’s house was on the way back to New York, but I didn’t really think anything of that.  The day we left he asked how I felt about stopping at his parent’s house on the way back.  I was stunned and kind of scared but couldn’t comport the words to say that and ended up agreeing.  We arrived at his parent’s house a couple hours later where I met them, as well as a couple of his siblings and their spouses.  He had already told all of them about me and that began what led to our courtship.  His family was loving and very welcoming, and that further solidified my confidence that I had made the right decision.  We never had an official proposal in the Western sense, but he expressed his desire to marry me to his parents, who in turn called my parents and initiated the steps to do an introduction ceremony which was held in my family house.  We waited until I finished nursing school before we started planning, and a year and a half later we had our traditional and white weddings.

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